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Pop your Poetry Month Cherry

…With Geist and Artificial Cherry, a new poetry collection by Billeh Nickerson.

Get a signed copy of Artificial Cherry!

April is National Poetry Month, so sidle up to stanzas, cuddle next to haiku and love limericks. This year, we want to make Poetry Month something for you to remember, something extra special.

For all of April, we’re coupling a signed copy of Billeh Nickerson’s cheeky and smart new poetry collection, Artificial Cherry, with a one year subscription to Geist for only $25.

Artificial Cherry features poems about phantom lovers, disappearing hotel toiletries and just who wears chain mail bikinis to the Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival.

Get Billeh Nickerson's Artificial Cherry and a one year subscription to Geist for only $25.

Get Artificial Cherry with a subscription to Geist!

Billeh Nickerson is a poet, writer, editor and long-time Geist contributor from Vancouver. He is the author of The Asthmatic Glassblower, McPoems, and Impact: The Titanic Poems. He is the Chair of the Creative Writing department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and a silver medalist at the Canadian Gay Curling Championships.

Geist is a quarterly magazine from Vancouver. Geist has been publishing poetry from new and established poets and non-poets since 1990. Geist also publishes essays, short stories, photoessays, maps, lists, puzzles, reviews and little-known facts of interest. Geist is not much of a curler.

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